The most prestigious annual food event in the City – the KL International Gourmet Festival 2005 - returns soon with an unprecedented lineup of dining opportunities. Into its fifth year, the Festival stands as the prime mover and catalyst for setting the standards and promoting a sustained interest in the KL dining scene.
This year’s Festival will run from 11 November 2005 to 8 December 2005. Twenty three of the city's finest restaurants will present special Festival menus that will be offered to diners at special Festival prices. In addition to the dining offers, there will also be special wine and cigar offers. Guest chefs and numerous fringe events will all add to the glamour, prestige and merriment of the Gourmet Festival.
The fun elements notwithstanding, the main aim of the Festival is to expand the awareness of dining options for KL residents and visitors. We also want to be sure that everone has the maximum time to enjoy the Festival and sample as many of the special creations of the Master Chefs.
Since its inauguration in 2001, the Festival has firmly established the city's reputation as a world epicurean
centre. The event not only adds glamour to the KL dining scene, it also encourages more people to dine out regularly in the capital's best restaurants, and try different foods, cuisines, ambiences and venues.
The heightened interest in fine dining is, evidently, good for the industry and healthy for the city's economy. Restaurants, both big and small, can now attract more business, creating a plethora of options for KL's restaurant-goers. With the extra money being spent in the city's restaurants, prices have become more competitive, establishments extra innovative and supporting food and dining promotions more frequent and widespread.
The Festival has also become one of the lynchpins of KL’s tourism industry because of the global spotlight that has been placed on the local culinary industry. This helps to bring in the tourist dollars and strengthens KL's growing reputation as a safe and sophisticated place in which to live, conduct business, visit and enjoy!
We encourage you to gather up a few friends and enjoy one of life’s grand pleasures at some of the fine
restaurants participating in the Festival this year.
Selamat Menjamu Selera!

Steve Day
Organizing Chairman,
The KL International Gourmet Festival

It gives me great pleasure to welcome the return of the KL International Gourmet Festival – an event that has firmlyestablished KL as a world-class centre for gourmet dining. I am greatly honoured to once again be the Patron of thisprestigious event.

Since the first Festival in 2001, I have witnessed in wonder as the city's finest local and international chefs have grown in strength and reputation as they come together to tantalize diners with some of the most stunning gourmet dining experiences available anywhere in the world. The Festival has consistently shown that KL is world-class in culinary creativity and expertise, and I expect this year to be no exception.

I would like to convey my congratulations to the Festival Organizer, AsiaReach Events,who have done another exceptional job in organizing this year’s Festival, once again bringing together the restaurants, sponsors and diners. It just keeps getting better each year and I am confident that this year’s Festival will raise the standard several notches,not just in the presentation and cuisines, but also in terms of the participation ofMalaysians discovering the delights of gourmet dining.

KL resembles a brilliant cut of diamond – it is a city of many different facets, and the dining scene here is certainly one of its enchanting highlights. I wish you all a happy dining experience during this year's Festival.

HRH Tunku Naquiyuddin ibni Tuanku Ja’afar
Royal Patron,
The KL International Gourmet Festival
On behalf of the Ministry of Tourism, it gives me great pleasure to say a few words in conjunction with the KL International Gourmet Festival 2005.

As Malaysia lies at the crossroads of Asia, there exists a myriad of exotic and an integration of mouth-watering cuisines from the East and West. As such, I am pleased to note that Malaysia is fast gaining prominence as a premier destination for gastronomical indulgence and as a gourmet paradise in the region.

With all the promotions and publicity, the KL International Gourmet Festival 2005 is the best time for foreign tourists to savour an unforgettable gourmet experience, right here in Kuala Lumpur City. As such, the Festival complements the Ministry's effort and goals in making Malaysia a top-of-mind destination.

On that note, I would like to extend my heartiest thanks and congratulations to the organizer, AsiaReach Events Sdn Bhd for the initiative taken and hope that everyone will venture out to savour the many sensational culinary delights at the Festival restaurants.

Thank you

Datuk Dr. Leo Michael Toyad
Minister of Tourism Malaysia
The Kuala Lumpur International Gourmet Festival returns with passion, and is all set to take Kuala Lumpur by storm once again. The Festival is a wonderful platform to showcase fine dining in Kuala Lumpur. The Ministry is proud to be a channel through which we can tell one and all about KL’s burgeoning dining scene.

This Festival presents the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur each year. With each Festival, more and more diners are introduced to the participating fine dining establishments, and I am confident that once you have sampled the five-star dining experiences offered by the 23 restaurants, you will be encouraged to dine out more often and try even more establishments.

On behalf of the Ministry, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the organizer, AsiaReach Events for their continuing efforts in promoting an event that brings acclaim to KL and our country.
I would also like to applaud the restaurants, sponsors and all those that have contributed towards getting this year’s Festival off the ground and ensuring another event of great success.

Dato’ Seri Panglima Abdul Kadir Bin Haji Sheikh Fadzir
Minister of Information
Kuala Lumpur City Hall is thrilled that the KL International Gourmet Festival is back once again this year. This prestigious event for the fifth consecutive year, never fails to impress and improves with each passing year, positioning the city as a veritable treasure trove of fine dining establishments and outstanding gourmet experiences.

The Festival encourages everyone, residents as well as visitors of our fair City, to head out to explore and sample the delights that some of the city’s best restaurants have to offer. Food lovers are spoilt for choice with the vast array of cuisines and diverse dining venues available. This is diners’ once a year chance to enjoy the many fabulous promotions and special offers that the participating restaurants present exclusively for the Festival. We hope you will take this excellent opportunity to sample the many new dishes being presented.

While generating business for the city’s best dining establishments, the Festival plays a significant role in enhancing KL’s reputation as an epicurean paradise, thus helping to draw visitors both local and international to our city. I would like to thank AsiaReach Events for its continued efforts in organizing and bringing together the restaurants, sponsors and diners at this truly magnificent event.

I urge all who enjoy fine food to take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the lively, multifaceted flavours of the colourful, vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur during the Festival.

Bon Appetit!

Dato’ Haji Ruslin bin Haji Hasan
Mayor of Kuala Lumpur
It's time to herald in another month of the much anticipated Kuala Lumpur International Gourmet Festival.

With food playing a primary role in many aspects of Malaysian culture, this Festival represents a noble effort to promote Malaysia as one of the best locations in this region for fine cuisine.

Malaysia is perhaps the only Asian nation that has such a multicultural and diverse heritage. It surely lives up to the Malaysia Truly Asia tagline and the Gourmet Festival is the perfect event to promote the extraordinary spread of cuisines that Malaysia has to offer.

The organizer, AsiaReach Events, deserves praise for organizing this event that highlights the best restaurants in the capital city. The Festival is a successful partnership that brings together restaurants, chefs and the public to ever increase the stature of dining in our country.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the chefs, the restaurants and of course the organizer for presenting another fabulous Festival this year.

Datuk Seri Utama Dr. Rais Yatim
Minster of Culture, Arts & Heritage
Visa is delighted to be the title sponsor of the fifth annual International Gourmet Festival. The festival celebrates the creations of the best chefs in KL in a month long tribute to fine dining and we are proud to be associated with such a high caliber of restaurants and chefs.
It is without a doubt that Kuala Lumpur has come to be known as a great dining centre, offering some of the world’s finest cuisine. Visa is partnering with the Festival to further Kuala Lumpur’s reputation as a centre of fine dining and excellent service. Some of the city’s best chefs and restaurants will present new culinary creations
so that visitors and residents alike can experience delicious cuisine all over Kuala Lumpur.
During the Festival, participating hotels and restaurants will be providing superior meals and better privileges. 
You will find higher discounts on fine dining packages, complimentary gifts as well as luxury room stays at
special Festival rates.
The KL International Gourmet Festival has emerged as a leading and much anticipated fine dining event in the region. We at Visa feel there is no better way to share this celebration with our card members than through our member banks in Malaysia. In conjunction with the festival, Visa has arranged numerous exciting offers for our cardholders and we encourage you to take advantage of the specials. We have also extended the Visa Platinum experience to more than 20 top-tier merchant establishments in Kuala Lumpur.
Here’s looking forward to an exciting month of delicious culinary delights and hoping you will have the finest dining experiences ever as you explore the best that KL has to offer. Bon Apetit!
Jeffrey Perera
Country Manager, Malaysia
Visa International (Asia Pacific) Ltd
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