Entertaining and Dining with Elegance

To be the perfect host you need to consider many things. Etiquette is just one of the areas that you need to be familiar with in fine dining. Our presenters on “Dining with Elegance”, Raelene Tan and Datin T D Ampikaipakan are renowned experts and authorities on many lifestyle issues facing today’s social situations. Each will be teaching four classes over the two day period and we are sure you won’t want to miss the opportunity to hear the many tips on the “how to” aspect of graceful entertaining.
Master Chefs’ Cooking Classes

Imagine the surprise of your friends when at your next dinner party you serve some of the most stunning and delicious fare they have ever experienced. You can! All you need to do is attend one of our 16 classes that will be taught by 16 of the world’s finest chefs. They will demonstrate and prepare actual dishes, sharing trade secrets and skills learned over a lifetime as professional chefs.

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Wine Appreciation

Do you wonder which wine to serve with what food, or when it should be uncorked for maximum presentation and enjoyment? Attend the Wine appreciation workshop and tour the world of wine with our experts for a fun and fascinating look at the fruit of the vine.
Cigar Appreciation

Do cigars lose their flavour with age? Can they be kept indefinitely? How do you smoke them for proper enjoyment? These and many more cigar topics will be covered by our presenter, Cigar Ambassador, Jeff Quah from “Dunhill Signed Range Cigars” on this interesting subject.

Are you tired of the same old cocktails, or do you just wonder how the basics come together to make a Manhattan, or what makes that Martini to die for? Watch and learn as our mixogist Lomas Gration conjures up some of the most creative drinks of today and explains how to make beverages that have stood the test of time and become the favorites of many generations.
Dress for Success

The Melium Group’s Dress for Success will have eight sessions, four for men and four for women. KL fashion icon Farah Khan has put together a fashion workshop led by well known fashion stylist Alex Eu where you will learn secrets and tips that will make your wardrobe both versatile and dazzling. The Melium team has put together a workshop that will be fun and practical.
Coffee Appreciation

The morning coffee routine has become but one of the many aspects of coffee appreciation and the presentation of Coffee Appreciation by Dome Cafe’s acclaimed baristas will discuss brewing, origins and insights into the small bean that has become a world standard eye opener and conversation starter.
Surprise a friend, buy a couple of tickets and spend a day or two at the KLEI and be entertained while you sharpen your entertainment skills. Seating is limited and we encourage you to act now and reserve your space for these informative and fun workshops. Special discounts are given for Visa Card members and parties of 10 or more.